In the houses of the big cities, especially those recently built, often living spaces are reduced and not always possible to cut between the various rooms of the house, a room to devote to a study reserved for work activities or whatever. In these cases, comes the need to create a work space that is functional, and at the same time, fully integrated environment in which we’re going to put it: let’s see how to proceed.

First, look closely at the rooms of your house, and try to find a point that is space, such as a basement, a corner, a library, a back corner of the sofa, under a window or in your bedroom. Looking around, you will find that, in fact, even the smallest spaces to use are many. One of the most easy is to integrate a small desk in a library, complete with a floor extended through the adoption, perhaps, a double pull-out shelf. Another point that is often exploited placed under the stairs. If you have a house with inside stairs, you will realize how the stairs, can easily be transformed into a bell’ study area, with lots of containers, shelves and shelves made ​​of various sizes and quantities.


The children’s room solutions are simple, you just take a bunk bed and organize, in part underneath the bed, the study area, complete with a desk and shelves. If the kids are more than one, and the space really reduced to a minimum, you should take a bed, which has incorporated the handy table that can pull, at the right time to become a studio practice. Useful system to use the desk on the wall can be used for small laptops, which if necessary will open and close quickly and conveniently, reducing the footprint to a minimum.

If you live in a studio, a viable solution is to build a loft bed or pull out and cut, below or above, an entire area dedicated to the function study, library, TV. The feasible projects are varied, and extremely simple, a lot depends on your budget and the space you have available. Whatever angle you study identified as and this choice, be careful to provide it with proper lighting, both day and night, lets make use of shelves, drawers and cabinets that you will need to store and use the material necessary.

In the bedroom, a beautiful dressing table can be transformed into a desk and discharge, the well-function study, in the same way in the kitchen, you can equip a side of the table, properly placed against the wall, floors and mini flaps, both above below that can be used if necessary, although, personally, I find that the kitchen and between the whole house, the less suitable. A hall, a hall, can give life to your functional work space, the mechanisms for opening and closing furniture, commercially available and feasible solutions with a little clever DIY are really many. Bring map, pencil and ruler, and before proceeding to construct an study, reported in the plant, all the possible solutions that come to mind in this way, you can check the space, and not make mistakes. Try to incorporate the style of the angle that you are setting up studio, style of the furniture in the room.