Grow vegetables is something very beautiful and fun, especially if we plant in our garden the herbs and vegetables that we love. However, if we do not have the ability to create our own little garden outside , we can always create a real garden on our balcony. In this guide we will see how in fact create a vegetable garden on the balcony .

vegetable garden

First, we have to find in the market the seeds of vegetables you want to plant, big plastic jars and small seedlings aromatic. We buy then at least three bags of sterilized soil. It is important not to use the soil of our garden, as the soil of the garden , may contain small insects extremely dangerous for the roots of our plants. We have in a plastic tray one layer of cotton , are standing above this layer all the seeds and then we cover the seeds with another layer of cotton. We will have to keep the cotton very wet for a few days, until our seeds will not be born of shoots 3-4 cm long.

When the shoots were formed, our seeds are ready to be planted. We put the soil in plastic pots and plant the seeds to 2 cm in depth with the bud facing up. We’ll have to water the ground at least once a day, in this way, our plants will grow healthy and lush. After two weeks since we planted the seeds, we can begin to make a fertilizer for our plants vegetables . An excellent fertilizer natural, proves the coffee grounds. If we want to use a chemical fertilizer , we will have to dissolve the fertilizer in respecting the doses of administration indicated on the package.

If we notice that on our plants are the pests , we can spray on the plants a natural insecticide made ​​with water, with a little chilli and mint leaves. If, however, we note that in the soil are small parasites, the suggestion is to spray a little pesticide. We keep our plants as possible in contact with sunlight, and avoid putting them in the shadows of the balcony . Once they are born our vegetables us ensure that the vegetables themselves are not damaged by insects. On cooler days, we can protect the roots of plants by placing over them a few pieces of tree bark.