Green is a hobby that generates always been a great interest . Lately, thanks to the diffusion of new specimens floral, are spreading among fans, trends, more and more varied and exotic. In detail, within this tutorial , we will see how to create an oriental garden . Beautiful to see and above all to live, if you want your garden to be unique and unrepeatable, be sure to read the contents of this guide.

When the allure of the exotic calls, can not miss the famous bonsai. In addition to being very ornamental plant, these charming miniature trees have a great significance. In Japanese culture, in fact, the word “bonsai” means “educate” in the sense of “cultivate” and “guarantee” attention . If, therefore, will be the hosts a bonsai inside of your garden, you will not only space but also a more lush plant that will have to be cured from all points of view, including the aesthetic.

Another plant that can not miss in your exotic garden is the cactus . Now present in Italian homes for years, the cactus is a plant derived from the family of cacti . In this case, there are many distinctions and classifications that lead us to touch on various corners of the world, first among them Africa and Sri Lanka . Know that the cactus prefers, in general, a type of land especially light and airy. The Board, therefore, that your cacti grow well and healthy, is just to ask for advance information on spaces and temperatures.


Finally, create an oriental garden means they can rely on an art that is zen In this case there is the problem of space, as the garden in question is a miniature garden. This art provides for very old, for the creation of a green space, very small surfaces After thus reinforced objects such as wooden boxes or old frames, you can start to set up your zen garden Coat the inside with gravel and of the stones and the game will be made ​​this trend or “art zen” is recommended not only to lovers of DIY but, in general, to all those who wish to combine the well-being of your body and soul All this will be possible through their the miniature gardening .