The beautification and customization of your own home not only from within the same concern, but also extends to the outside. The stairs are certainly an environment that lends itself well to customization. To enhance a ladder placed in a direct line, in particular, the application may be enough of unusual materials such as the tiles with shapes and different colors raised on. These are simple to apply and the effect is really guaranteed. Continuing reading this guide you will be able to have some practical and useful tips to achieve an outdoor spiral staircase. Everything will be much easier than you might imagine.

For the construction of a home exterior staircase, the first operation consists in measuring the height of the altitude affected by the work. To proceed in this direction is necessary, with the help of a bubble, place horizontally plank on top of the slope, which intersect with a vertical axis placed at the base of the latter. The axis placed vertically will, therefore, provide the height of the altitude.


To obtain the total number of steps will be sufficient to divide the value obtained by referring to the total height to the height relative to that of each step. We begin to carve the shape of the steps inside of the slope using a spade, starting from the bottom and working your way up, making sure to give a slight incline forward, to encourage a future outflow of rainwater, and the size of the treads and raised. We consider that these dimensions, if the steps are to be coated, must be 15 mm lower than those of the tiles, so that the latter, once applied, hate the lift of about 2.5 cm.

To make more stable the whole, for the raising of the first step, we provide for the realization of a small foundation. To do this, dig a deep trench about twenty centimeters, which we will then fill in the spaces with cement. As, however, concerns the stairs made ​​with precast concrete is almost always required the realization a concrete foundation. This, however, is a task that you can not make it yourself, but leave it to run exclusively by skilled labor.