Time for gifts and would like to wrap your special gift inside a special bag, maybe made ​​with your own hands? Well, then, if you are short of ideas and you do not have the opportunity to indulge in things that are particularly complicated, then maybe this guide can do for you. This is a guide that will help you achieve a nice bag custom paper in a few easy steps.

Here’s how to build the custom paper bag. The first thing to do is to decide the size of the bag that we will achieve. In the case of this guide, we will provide a very simple bag, for instance, this is the usual paper bags that take action when we buy, for example, clothing. Take an old bag, even if it is a bag already printed does not matter.


With great caution begin to unglued the edges of the bag attached so as to retrieve only the shape of the bag itself. If the size of the bag that you need to perform is equal to the bag you choose to open, you can simply do the following. Take the sheet of wrapping paper and place it on the work surface then roll out the bag you have now fully open and place it on the sheet of wrapping paper. You just have to trace the edges of the paper bag on the wrapping paper and cut out the shape to fold exactly like the old bag.

Glue the edges perfectly with great care and precision, with the aid of glue then wait for it to dry completely. At this point, you can achieve with the cardboard stiffer, the shapes theme. In the picture shown in this passage there are some nice ties or butterflies, if you were to donate the contents of the bag to the father, the boyfriend or a man in general. But you can also choose to make the shapes theme, as for example that of a musical instrument or Christmas decorations or a pet or flakes and so on. In practice, the shape that will be applied as a closure on the upper edge of the bag (you can apply it with the stapler) will be perfectly themed with the recipient of the gift.