To prevent wind damage your doors and windows making them banging on the wall of the house you can mount a bumper. Make a bumper for doors and windows is easy, knowing what to do. Here are all the collected practical advice in this guide.

Bumpers for windows . The creation of a buffer window is very simple, you just have some scouring pads and tape color you prefer. Cut the sponge to L so that the larger side corresponds to the vertical axis of the window and the shorter side at the base. Do not worry about removing the unnecessary cm L of the base to have a perfect, even a few cm more can not hurt. Leaves intact the thickness and take the tape. Apply the sponge corner of the window and cover it entirely of duct tape to secure it and let her have a color and a smooth appearance.

bumpers for doors. The bumpers for doors are readily available at the hardware store, but if you want to buy it unless you can use a simple cork (big ones). The trickiest part is fixing to the floor . First of all you must make sure that the floor below there are no wires or special plumbing. In case you want to use the cork must fit inside the screw: pierces the cork with the tip of the screw, extract and insert it again into the cork, but this time doing so that the tip protrudes to the outside.


The installation of bumpers doors To place the bumper on the floor make a hole drilled. If you have carpet, you’ll want to remove the top layer of the soil with a cutter (a good knife ) and then drill the hole The hole should be slightly longer than the piece you have just drilled the floor, insert the plug and then screw the bumper This can make it manually if you decided to use a cork, but some bumpers purchased from the hardware need the assistance of the screwdriver.