This year for Christmas, you want to achieve something really special with your hands to decorate the house? Favorites for example, use of objects to be recovered to save a bit ‘of pennies and at the same time raising your children the art of recycling ? Well, then if you have any Christmas ball a little ‘shabby and impossible to put in plain sight on your tree, and at the same time you have set aside many colored buttons salvaged from old shirts and jackets different, here’s how to recycle better.

Take the first ball to recycle and place it on a working well protected with the newspaper or a plastic sheet. At this point, with a paint spray golden then cover the surface of the ball and allowed to dry. Take all of the buttons that you have and divide by color. The size does not matter. You can choose to use a single color (for example red, which fits in very well with the background color of gold ) or, more colors together. At this point, take the first button and, with the aid of a tip of glue hot, much more immediate and durable, paste on the surface of the ball.


Do the same with all the other buttons scattering them here and there on the surface of the ball, leaving some point of transparency golden. Once the first ball, go with all the others. In this way a new look at your balls, which will become rich and strong, and, at the same time, you have the Recycled buttons which for so long have been locked in a drawer. Alternatively, to achieve the balls with the buttons can do as follows.

Take a nylon cord about six inches. Choose the color you prefer lots of buttons. Take the first, put on the first part of the nylon thread and let it run for at least four inches, so annotated with the nylon itself. Take the second part of the nylon thread and begin to enter the dozens of buttons that you have put aside. Once you have knotted the first stud on the other end, the buttons that you set will not slip away but will be blocked. Entered all the buttons, take the two ends of the thread well. Realize a sort of ring to be applied on your tree to mo ‘ball.