Christmas is coming and you have already begun to purchase the first Favors? Or rather, given the times we live in, for Christmas this year you are going to give simple greeting cards ? In any case, a ticket is always very welcome, either alone or in the company of a gift. So Make them special and originals by small but valuable advice. Each ticket must be prepared with great care and imagination.

First, focus your attention on the person to whom it will be for the Christmas card. The age of the recipient, his personality, the degree of relationship or the trust that exists between you are parameters to be taken into account. If it comes to a child in fact, the ticket must be definitely more colorful and imaginative, so as to capture his attention. In cases where the recipient is a friend, an authority, or a person you know and what you have to give a little of her tones are definitely polite and softer colors.


Before proceeding you need to get the necessary materials : cardboard of various sizes, scissors, glue sticks, glitter, markers, crayons, pencils, ribbons and other stationery items to your liking. Of course, the ticket must then be placed in a special envelope, so attention to its size! Folded in half the card: you can opt for the traditional rectangular shape or choose alternative forms. For example, if you plan on drawing a animal, cut out the card along the contours of the drawing.

Decorate the home page of the card with traditional Christmas figures, such as a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, a snow-covered landscape, and so on. The less fancy can print images directly from the internet and paste them on the card, while those who are able to design may appeal to their artistic skills. In the latter case, also used paper of a different type (velvety paper, tissue paper) or wadding to recreate the snow .

The interior of the ticket instead, must be dedicated to the cards. Do not just write “Happy Birthday” only! You can write a rhyme, poem or verse funny rhyming your invention. The success of a ticket you get if you proceed with dedication and imagination. If you have written greetings on the left, on the opposite side reiterated in the brief greeting and do not forget to write the name of the sender!