The mother is always the mother! What a great idea establish this festival in his honor! Since ancient times, is celebrated in the spring season of awakening of nature, Mother In Italy, the origin of this festival we owe to a parish priest of the town of Assisi, in 1957, celebrated for the first time mom at the local level, but the event has had such an echo that soon this anniversary has quickly spread throughout the country. The Mother’s Day but, unfortunately, has become only a business opportunity to sell flowers, plants, accessories, perfumes. But the mother, the real one, the one that took care of us when we were sick, that she endured our outbursts, there was next to the most important moments of our life, does not deserve anything more than a nice gift ready? So why not make the decorations with our own hands for his party?

That party is without balloons? Of balloons there are all the colors and of all forms. Scegliamoli in delicate shades of pink and white and personalize writing over each poem, a thought, an aphorism that is in keeping with the party, or maybe a nice design.

An idea very pretty and easy to make as there are placeholders. Buy the card, in this case in the two colors that I have already recommended to the balloons, draw and cut out the hearts of many who are invitees, drill a hole in the center of each with machine drill sheets and put inside the satin ribbon, nylon or tulle. With a fine-tipped marker average color of your choice (I recommend writing with markers in bold black and silver side by side, the effect is very elegant!) Write the placeholder for the name of each guest.


Another idea easy and highly effective is to beautify your table, bending somewhat different the towel to put on the plate. A very simple form is folded napkin-shaped envelope. Do not worry, now I will illustrate how to proceed. Take a napkin square and fold along the diagonal so as to touch the two extremes, will in this way a triangle. Now bend the two tips at the bottom of the triangle bringing in part the lower center of the napkin. At this point, to make a smaller envelope and pretty, bend the outer sides of the envelope and folded also the bottom, up to coincide with the fold the base of the triangle that represents the part of the napkin that will be useful to realize the closure of the envelope.