For decorating theme you look at usually the key players to play, the symbolic colors to use and the typical objects to decorate. As for Easter, key players are the flowers , because Easter begins in the spring, the lamb is the symbol of the Jewish tradition, the pigeons (and other birds) that symbolize peace, eggs, and finally the rabbits, derived from the German tradition of the Easter Bunny who brings presents to children. Dominant colors are white and pastel shades that turn pale yellow, green, blue, pink, light orange. The typical objects to decorate the table and the walls are (or rather, all vertical surfaces, including doors and windows) and, surprisingly, the garden! Let’s see how to make the Easter decorations simple and striking.

The decoration of the table: it’s time to go crazy with floral centerpieces, obviously with flowers rigorously true (hyacinths and daffodils are favored for their color well chosen, the small size and the fragrance spread in the room). The only alternative to real flowers are handmade flowers: avoid fake flowers, especially plastic ones, would make a sad and neglected decoration. The flowers can be placed in simple clay pots decorated with white ribbons and yellow, or white with a toilet seat very very linear.


For those looking for more elaborate solutions you can opt for cut flowers to put. out of the pot! Gently tied the flowers outside of a glass using a pretty ribbon and place the glass in a bowl of water or a saucer, so that the cut flowers can drink. Fill your glass with sand, gravel or white stones, and if you put a candle light color in the center. Another must is the Easter basket with moss and flowers in a bowl put a little of water and cover with fresh moss, then place the flowers cut very short so that you watering place water going through the stem through the mingling. Alternatively you can cheer the composition with the eggs : for ecological reasons and duration, preferred eggs in wood or plaster or other unbreakable materials, so that the decoration last for years and is maintained in good time.

The decoration of the vertical walls: walls, doors and windows. To see even outside your skill and creativity in the decorations, hang a wreath decorated in natural wood with a few simple flowers of white paper. Hang in the windows of dead branches from an especially “artistic”, which will attack paper flowers or even better origami colored pastel. Of the tendon into squares or small white polka dots and yellows can come hang temporarily to cover only the bottom half of the window glass. Then give the green light to stuffed dolls handmade or chains of scissor cut by hand, which reproduce those Easter.