The Feng Shui, the Chinese art is as well known (and hence typical eastern), which aims to create the decor of the rooms combining and creating between the inner and outer elements of the house, a great harmony. Indeed, the latter is deemed by the Feng Shui element of happiness and balance of the person (and therefore tends to promote through the decor, the harmony of the individual). Especially those who love this particular art, it may be useful to inform you that it can be applied in outdoor environments such as gardens, patios and even balconies (although small). If you are particularly interested in finding out how you can decorate a balcony, carefully followed the suggestions in this guide.


The first important rule that allows you to tastefully furnish any portion of the house, banning of overloading the space with too much furniture complements or with too many plants. So do not choose plants of exaggerated size, and limit yourself to place on the balcony of the typical plants of Feng Shui (such as camellias, roses or jasmine). Obviously, these must be arranged in a scattered way, by placing all the flowers of the same color in the same pot (not placing the plants in way too close).

If otherwise, you want to protect your balcony from strangers prying eyes, you can choose between the tall plants peculiar bamboo (very suitable to create an environment respectful of Feng Shui). Treat these plants in the best way possible, remembering to periodically remove unsightly leaves, opting instead for vases in terracotta.

Not necessarily stones or statues should be placed only in large gardens. In contrast, the Feng shui recommend you install in various portions of the house (and thus also in the balconies) of small statues of cranes, which are considered to be the art that can improve psychological well-being of the individual, and its longevity.

If the balcony is equipped with a spacious sizable enough, you can add to it a couple of chairs and a table made ​​of bamboo. The balcony in this way, will take on the appearance of a green space, comparable to a small oasis.

Small stones very round, finally, may be just lying around the plant pots, then resting on the floor. These according to Feng Shui, have a great significance because they resemble the element of water (in the sense that their form is assimilated to the sensation that produces the water).