The country style is a style much appreciated, those who love this style and want to give harmony to all his house, he will think surely also use it to decorate your bathroom. The country style is capable of giving a rustic, country, making extensive use of furniture the wood solid warm tones. It might seem that only fits the housing out of town, but being able to give a style harmony and a sense of intimacy , is often chosen also to furnish an apartment in the city . Let’s see now, how to decorate a bathroom in a country style .

To have a bathroom decorated in country style you have to choose wooden furniture, both with the natural color of the wood you prefer (in typical dark shades of walnut or lighter shades of oak wood), which variants lacquered or glossy. Pick a fine piece of furniture for under the sink, solid wood, perhaps with the pre- processed with a motive to frame. The color you choose should take into account the inner lining of your bathroom, if you have the tiles and a floor very dark , and you want to give light to the small space of the bathroom, you could choose the furniture in light wood or dyed in a light tone , style country will not be difficult to find the furniture with the doors or drawers decorated with floral motifs.


At the cabinet under the sink, if the space of your bathroom there is right you might also add a high cabinet, always in wood (preferably the star line under sink chosen), provided with doors and drawers that will be useful to put clean linen, towels and sponges varied. In the choice of bathroom furniture also pay attention to details like the knobs of the doors, there are simple white porcelain or porcelain decorated as well as metal.

For the mirror to put over the sink, choose a wide made ​​of solid wood, to match the other furniture, rectangular or oval, or choose one with a frame made ​​of wrought iron If your finances don’t allow and you already have, a fundamental element in a country bathroom is a beautiful claw foot tub. To complete the decor of your bathroom there are still tents, best buy blinds made ​​of natural fibers, such as cotton canvas or linen, maybe with embroidery or, alternatively, with a pattern of squares.