For the uninitiated, the words “poor art” refers to an artistic movement born in Italy in the second half of the 60s. It is rare indeed to recall the tradition and simplicity of the materials , especially when it comes to trends and styles that relate to the decor. In detail in this tutorial we will see, taking a cue from the art, how to decorate a room that is very popular in our homes the bathroom. So even if you love the warmth and colors of a time and want to recreate it in the bath house your own, be sure to read the contents of this guide.

Start with the tiles. Besides being stylish, the lining of the walls and floor, must be in harmony with the country style, belonging generally to environments such as cottages, farmhouses and country houses . In this regard, choose the DIY solutions or prefabricated among which surely ceramic tiles, bricks and antique brick Siena. In particular, this is the ideal solution for those who love the coverings with punctures limited, or indeed absent.


When you find the right jacket, you go into factors such as the sink and the tub. These are fundamental elements of the bathroom that translate into real pieces of furniture. Regarding popular styles, the poor art bearing a wide range of solutions and materials, including porcelain must surely be placed in the first place. The Board, in addition to the tones of white and beige, is to choose the pastel colors such as light blue. These will be married with the simplicity of the furnishings, but draws the colors of nature.

Select then the cabinets and shelves. Do you prefer it, of wood furniture, remembering to range between varieties such as cherry, solid wood, beech and chestnut. Also in this case, it is good to know that the materials in wood easily placed in the bathrooms in poor art thanks to bond with nature and therefore the typical tones that recall without doubt the country houses.

You can recreate the rustic accessories and even in the smallest details. In this regard, placed inside the bathroom of the pots, bowls of ceramic, of wrought iron hangers and even lace doilies. In this way, past and present, modern and rustic will meet as if by magic in your bathroom.