When we have a bathroom wall and do not intend to affix the tiles, there are several possibilities to embellish it. These are mainly decorations that can be done in two ways: by using the stencil or stickers. Let us see in detail how to decorate a bathroom in masonry with these techniques.

With the stencil technique you can decorate a bathroom wall, in two different ways. The first is to use the ones sold at home improvement centers and are available in different designs and shapes. The second one, using this technique allows to decorate with something custom, then it is sufficient to paste a chosen design on a card, and then borrowing in order to make it similar to what is found in trade of plastic or wood.


To decorate the wall object is sufficient to support the stencil on the wall and secure it with the Workstreams and coloring in the empty spaces, until you get a compact shape that can be made ​​up of flowers, fish or other drawings pertaining to the environment. Having sketched the design and completed the writing on the wall of all the figures with wall paint or tempera paints, we proceed with the various finishes and finally with a pursuit of clear gloss spray that acts as a fixative for the colors. If, however, as already mentioned in the introductory phase of the decoration of the bathroom intend it taking advantage of the stickers, in this case the choice is very wide because the market is different patterns, colors and images even specific to a particular environment as the room with bathroom. Regardless of the choice between the adhesive and glue with wallpaper paste, the application can be made ​​either on the top of the wall if you use the classical Greek , or patchy if the wall is very wide and you want to make it appear less applying strips of floral decorations.

The stickers after their application, can be treated with varnish to make them adhere perfectly to the wall, especially if the final coating is carried out on the entire surface. This decor gives the place a crystal effect, pleasing both from the aesthetic point of view and from a strictly visual and gives harmony in moments of relaxation such as during a relaxing bath or when you proceed with the care of his own person.