The bedroom is an intimate space of our house, to make it personalized and comfortable furnishings chosen accurately. Let’s see how to furnish this part of our house, especially if you have a room just large, making the right choices in design and with a careful design .

Rooms to bed shortly spacious brightness can buy and fly if we use the right strategies and creating an optical effect which gives depth. First, clean up the room by removing anything that is superfluous and we paint the walls with light colors such as pastel shades. The same light color can also be used for the floor and the furniture in order to accentuate the effect. The windows present must be vacated in order to facilitate the entry of natural light, the curtains that we apply will be placed up at the ceiling , so as to make it look more high walls. The subtle elements and high in general will give the room a result of upward momentum, so they’re ideal for narrower.


We calculate and plan carefully the spaces in order to carry out all activities in the room so comfortable : the bed will need to have to go down the sides, the furniture with doors must be able to open easily and television should be positioned so as to be looked at easily. The tables and the lamps on the side of the bed can be replaced by a wall lighting, for example, with ceiling, and with the shelves to support objects. The wardrobe, if possible, shall be placed in another room, such as the hallway, where we can put the cupboard or dresser.

We buy furniture that is compact and that can possibly perform more than one function A as we can buy a wardrobe that can serve both as a container for clothes from shelf to support other objects. We can also use the containers to be placed under the bed or choose a model that allows to raise the bed mattresses to place blankets and pillows beneath Another element that can help to make the room spacious is the mirror on the ceiling or on the walls, which will give the ‘illusion of a greater depth of space, but also increases the overall brightness of the environment Finally Eliminate all unnecessary decorations focusing on a few aesthetic elements balanced with respect to the environment.