A bedroom is a real nest of love and passion and it’s nice to furnish it with romantic details that give it an elegant style just like the rooms of the princesses . Here are some tips on how to decorate a double bed really romantic creating an environment at the same time refined, comfortable and enjoyable.

WALLS and FLOORS. Choose colors very soft: the antique pink to cream color, from beige to pearl, but also very delicate antique green or aquamarine or opt for the wallpaper with patterns of flowers and curlicues read through. On the walls, especially if you choose the monochrome, hang the paintings with subjects or subjects of love elegant and tender, for example the angels Raphael , “The Kiss” by Hayez, the dancers of Degas , “Education of love” by Francois Boucher or otherwise French paintings of the seventeenth century French with their colors just mentioned and always delicate and nuanced.

FURNITURE PIECES OF FURNITURE. A romantic bed is high and a canopy with curtains that come down in sheer fabric and soft tones. The back leather understood born or wrought iron interspersed with medallions painted by hand. The cabinet must have the details a bit classic lines not too clear and sharp, rather they are preferable gentle curves and rounded and maybe fine hand-painted flowers on the doors. If space permits, a really romantic touch is the presence of the toilet in the corner and the foot board at the foot of bed covered with fabric with ribbons and bows. The color of the door is always delicate: from white to pearly gray, beige from ecru, ivory, antique pink.


LIGHTING The lighting should be warm and welcoming . The bedside lamp on the bedside tables bring pretty shade made ​​of fabric, crochet The chandelier maybe three or five lights is a bit classic, one of those that are seen in palaces of princesses. OBJECTS A pair of ceramic dolls, little angels, wooden boxes with clear handmade carvings, jewelry box covered in decoupage or lace.

CURTAINS AND FABRICS. The tents are lightweight and sheer fabric that go down to the ground very long, preferably with valance. The bedspread antique pink with bows and ribbons along the edges, some heart-shaped pillow right in the middle coated liners with ruffles or crocheted or made. The colors are always sweet and delicate, must be avoided shades too dark and cold.