Into decorating the room of a child is necessary grouped to satisfy his aesthetic taste but also his personal needs. It is necessary and appropriate to achieve a cozy, cheerful, equipped with the necessary safety standards and suited to its need for space, both in relation to the game that study.

Listen to the prior opinion of the child is essential before starting any type of schedule. The child should not be left alone in the choice, but make him share in his own arrangement of the room will be used to obtain a result for him extremely pleasant, it will increase his sense of responsibility and make you feel your opinion is important. To begin with, you have to choose the color and the main theme of the room, you can move towards a cartoon character, like Superman, Spider man, Alice in Wonderland, or a setting in the background, like the sea, the jungle, the farm, or even just a color and a shade of the base. You can purchase a wallpaper or stickers with various characters, easy to glue, and easy to remove.


As the base color to use to paint the walls, you can leave the choice for your child but remember that the tone of the environment can greatly affect the mood of its inhabitants. Then tries to keep out of soft colors, not too aggressive, so as to stimulate its tranquility. Of course, always use non-toxic dyes and possibly washable.

The children’s room is the place where, in addition to sleep, your children spend too much time playing. Should try to keep the room quite free, free from excessive furniture, and in the case where several children have to share the same room, not particularly large, orient yourself toward solutions with bunk beds. If the child is of school age, with the room a corner with a desk and a chair suited to his age, so as to achieve a corner of the house devoted to his daily study.

Take particular care to avoid lighting that the child undergoes the view to overexertion and also expect the presence of a small night light, tenuously to illuminate the room in case the baby has trouble falling asleep in the dark. Enrich the room with all the accessories that you prefer doing just be careful not to place the items in a precarious position, thus avoiding that the child can accidentally drop them and injure themselves.