Christmas is just around the corner this year and we are all struggling with the purchase or recovery in the cellar of the tree to decorate. A could also come fantasy you want to replace the old and traditional tree with something truly original, new, unusual. Specifically, we could direct you to the way of the modern . In this guide we will cover how to decorate a tree for Christmas with a modern design. We just have to choose whether to use the usual tree and completely change the decorations, or buy a new tree line completely modern. Read the guide to learn more.

In the first case, suppose we want to decorate our old tree, traditionally green and use the accessories completely new, minimalist, simple thing, totally modern. When we speak of “modern” usually comes to mind the color white, beige or otherwise, mostly pretty soft colors. Following this direction, you can opt for the choice of decorations are all one color and the lines very simple and straightforward. For example, as shown in the main picture, you might think of dishes with decorations, within the outlines of the main symbols of Christmas. It would certainly an unusual and original idea.


You may also heading out to the realization of this type of decorations directly with your hands and employing only and simply sheets of corrugated cardboard which, in some ways it is also the same, a material widely adopted in modern design . Alternatively, you can buy decorations are very similar to those described and replace the old and traditional round balls of glass, plastic or polystyrene. You also want one particular idea and simple to make ‘. Have you ever thought of the decorations very similar to the balls, but cubic rather than round?

Imagine decorating a Christmas tree with the only cubes , all the same color, for example white or all beige or red. It would certainly be out of scheme and new. If you want to just change the entire tree using something more minimal and totally modern, you can find in trade of stylized trees, just realized through long tubes of white lights is simply three-dimensional shapes. Just hang one of these in the living room and you’re done. Or you can choose a spiral tree to bring down directly from the roof. More modern than that!