The design of the house is not just about the decoration of the rooms and the layout of the interior but also the exterior, especially the garden. Let’s see how to decorate a garden in a contemporary style, inspired by the ideas of architects and contemporary designers.

The garden contemporary look is easily recognized by some fundamental characteristics: clean lines, geometric and simple, testing of materials and the use of different and innovative forms and design elements. The appearance of the exterior of the home must be in harmony with the external facades, which are also essential and square, recalling also the colors and patterns. It also tends to blur the line between different environments, such as inside and outside, creating a unique and comfortable. The simplicity of form suggests a relaxing atmosphere, a space designed to meet the needs of the inhabitants of the house and requiring minimal maintenance or easy to accomplish. The garden will also be integrated into the surrounding environment around our home, ensuring privacy and security but without spatial boundaries drives.


The geometric shapes typical of contemporary design are carried out in the garden drawing in a graphic environment with the use of large tiles Outdoor, steps, large tubs and pots for plants and borders squared and well defined. The lawn can be enclosed by a frame of concrete, we can then alternate the areas squared with white gravel on which to place the plates from external forming a path or a grid, leaving a regular distance between the tiles. With an outdoor wood flooring create a path and an area where to place the furniture, chairs and tables, perhaps protecting them with a canopy or pergola. The patio with wooden floor slightly raised will definitely effect. Do not forget to choose a particular fence around the perimeter of the house, maybe made ​​of long planks of wood that ensure privacy but also have a natural look. The geometry of the garden should be developed on the surface but also in height, with steps and pedestals to raise pots and plants.

We choose the particular green plants to be placed in strategic points of the garden, to alternate with some flowers choosing at most one or two colors We complete with garden furniture with simple shapes, wide seats made ​​with natural materials and sharp lines that recall the architectural geometry of the space decorate with some design elements, such as minimal sculptures of polished metal spheres, with scenic waterfalls or fountains choose colors and materials that resonate with the natural elements: groups of stones whites to be included in a square space, untreated wood, water tanks with special effects are contemporary and elegant details that make the garden Let us note finally using halogen or LED lighting to mark the path of entry, to create games with water or light to highlight the most interesting points.