To decorate a solo cover of wool, creating some beautiful traditional Christmas decorations to be applied on your cover of wool, I suggest you follow the simple directions and rapid procedure presented here. It is applied decoration of felt and small embroidery handmade, with which embellish a common cover.

You need:

* Cover of wool
* Needle and embroidery thread
* Pencil
* Tracing paper
* Carbonless Paper
* Erasable pen
* Scissors
* Ruler
* Scraps of felt
* Paper model
* Sheet of drawing paper
* Pins

To start, you have to choose the decorative pattern, abstract or figurative, to apply to your cover, then with the help of a pencil copy carefully decorated Christmas, to be carried over your wool cover , using the carbon paper , addressing the ‘ink paper down and hitting good decorum to be transferred, then after the traced outline decorative with a pencil, you embroider a back stitch and point wrapped the various parts of your beautiful decor , using the threads of embroidery and contrasting colored to highlight it well. After that, once performed the first embroidered decoration, you should perform the decor felt to be applied.


To make the decorations in felt fabric, you have to take a sheet of drawing paper and track you over with the help of a pencil, the shapes of small fir trees and / or teddy bears , and all the various subjects of decoration that you intend to create. Then, continue your work, bringing the various Christmas decorations on the tracing paper and marks by cutting accurately with scissors. Then, once you’ve got about 8/10 decorative shapes, riportale the fabric of felt color, the color of your choice, using a felt-tip pen . Then, the various patterns of felt , should be pinned on your cover of wool , in the arrangement of your choice, with the pins as a seamstress, and finally with a needle and embroidery floss to match, up to overcast .

Finally, after sewing all the little felt decorations on your cover, Refine work, embroidering so small scattered snowflakes smaller, harmonious and balanced way, with respect to the decorations in felt, so as to align them with various Christmas decorations. Finally, having completed various decor embroidered, you simply do a double hem to about 1/1, 5 cm from the various edges of your cover of wool, then stitch to stitch the 4 edges, with the embroidery thread contrasting to your cover wool . To finish, in order to cover the sections of the various decorations and applied embroidered, you must pin the felt disks on the back of various designs and with small dots to your wool blanket . Good work!.