Decorate a door with wallpaper is quite easy, just arm yourself with patience and a few tools useful. Employ a short time and the effect is truly amazing. covered the door will have the ability to decorate in a truly unique environment. To obtain a good result it is necessary to use materials of good quality and of known provenance.

Measure with the tape measure the perimeter of the door recalling that each roll is saved has a width of 1.5 meters. Prepare the glue in a bucket by pouring the mixture into water and stirring avoiding lumps. Let it rest according to the instructions of the product. You can use a spatula to turn from time to time by checking the consistency.

Open on the table roll saved. After having previously taken measurements of the door, with a meter and a pencil we go to mark the part to be cut. Then use the scissors and cut the required length with a tolerance of 2 cm. The tolerance of the cut is essential in order to refine the end in an optimal manner all the paper of saved lying on the door. Once the wallpaper roll it spread the glue using a brush. The glue must be stretched by performing a movement to fish bone doing then rest for about 20 minutes.


Proceed with the application of the first sheet from the top, leaving the 2 centimeters in excess on the upper limit of the door. Slowly with your hands do the paper against the door. Use a dry cloth to hang on the door well saved by avoiding air bubbles and cleaning any layers of glue spilled using a different damp cloth. Apply the following sheets, lining up the edges perfectly and any decorative upholstery. Trim the loose ends using a spatula and cutter. To do adhere to best saved to the door repeat the operation several times of writing the saved on the door with the rag. This operation is important and effective for the perfect decoration of the door . Also in the case of small inaccuracies, we always have the time to intervene as the glue takes hold on the saved very slowly. Furthermore, with the wet rag, from time to time we check if there are layers of glue that are leaked. In this case we clean without rubbing to avoid the unwind of the excess glue.