To decorate the objects we have at home is a real art. It nice, in fact, amaze your family and friends with unique objects and rare, maybe even to give on special occasions. One of the objects that lends itself more to the customization, is undoubtedly the frame. Plenty are the techniques that we can use. One of these, among the simplest in absolute, expects to decorate the frame (whether of wood or cardboard) simply using the glue. Let’s see, here, how to proceed.

We begin by placing all the necessary on a work surface, previously protected with a sheet of paper or plastic. Consider, then, the frame (which is of wood or cardboard makes no difference). Preleviamo a small amount of stucco from the jar, and mix with a little water, so that it is more diluted. Helping with a brush big enough, we start to spread on the surface of our frame. N exaggerate on the dose, especially if the base material is cardboard . Risk, in fact, unpleasant curls (due to the presence of too much water).


Once dried putty (it will take an average of a few hours), we move to the honing process. In order to use a piece of fine sandpaper. We try, at this stage, to be quite delicate in making homogeneous throughout the surface. Take, now, the bottle of glue. Directly inverting the bottle, and then using its spout, we proceed with the design of the decorations (of course if you like) on the frame. After the “pose” of the glue, to prevent this from spreading to spot, insert the model in our freezer.

Meanwhile, prepare , within a plastic plate, the colors that will serve as a backdrop to our frame. In this regard, we mix with acrylic paint a good amount of water, so that they found to be very dilute. Helping with a brush, begin to distribute the mixture of color on the frame . Thanks to a good degree of dilution obtained from the colors, the same will not join the glue (already hardened) but will cover all other spaces, namely those of “bottom.” When satisfied with the color, let dry everything. To fix the color, and give more light to our frame, we spread a coat of varnish.