If you’re lucky enough to own a private garden , will be worth while to devote a couple of weekends a month to keep it in perfect order. A good care of the lawn , plants, flowers and any hedges is a must if we want to create an outdoor space stylish and cozy . When the size of the permit, there is nothing better than a pergola with tables and chairs, a barbecue for the holidays with family and friends and loungers for sunbathing in summer. If we have children then we can decorate our garden to turn it into a fun playground .

The area that will earmark games will be paved. This is because the equipment require hardware to the ground and grip on the ground may be less tenacious inter alia, its progressive failure of the soil in the winter months due to rain or snow. Only paving the basis we can be sure to fix in a stable and lasting all games. In the shops of do-it-yourself available all the facilities for the more experienced, otherwise we call a mason, or a tiler who will advise at best. For the flooring will be best to choose materials and colors as natural as possible, to integrate well with the rest of the interior garden.


The choice of games should be made ​​taking into account the age and needs of children . Better to think to the future and avoid the games that may be suitable for our children just for a couple of months or so. Among the favorite games by children for outdoor fun are the timeless swings, slides and plastic crates. It will all be able to buy in large shopping centers specialize in toys or even in some shops for the home and the do-it-yourself. During the purchase we will have to verify that there is an instruction manual complete with all the instructions for installation and fixing.

Once you have settled the playground in the garden , before letting them freely available to children, we have to test them to verify their proper stability Enter the games in the garden definitely creates a space colorful, cheerful and lively, which will allow our children and their friends to play outdoors in complete freedom and without time limits.