For your shop is no need of a room decorated in a friendly and relaxed way, to find you at home but especially your customers. Warm colors mixed with soothing sounds, comfortable materials, sweet scents and natural and beautiful harmonious spaces will make your living room really relaxing. In this guide we will see how to decorate your hairdressing shop with taste and imagination advising for good combinations of furniture and colors.

You can set up an environment with minimalist furniture is different in color, material and style of creating great contrasts of style, to suit every taste and every desire. The furnishings and furniture essentials are: helmets drying, tray washing hair, the display of products, a sofa to accommodate customers do while waiting and also accessories such as stools and chairs.

hairdressing shop

We must create a fresh style, making the living room modern, chic and glamorous. Of course, depending on your budget and your wishes, you can furnish your shop with the style you love the most and that suits you, the important thing is to create a lot of harmony, serenity and comfort. First for technology lovers council set a resolutely modern but equally glamorous and sophisticated. Even decor based luxury might be a good idea , maybe embellished with crystals and neo-baroque lines, might be a good idea for customers who prefer places that make you feel the true queens.

You can also opt for a furniture standard, with compact dimensions and generous padding and furniture with armrests in polished aluminum. For the more elegant and refined, choose decor designed with washing unit and technical tables, completing a range of mirrors .

Important in the choice, should be the washing unit, in fact the novelty of recent years shows by a tool for washing the hair to a real machine technology. In fact, among the various features are: lifting the legs, massage and color therapy; All this will allow to your salon to offer customers a true multi-sensory experience. As we could see, you can decorate your show as best wish, obviously the colors of the walls, stools and more will combine to the style that you have decided to give the room.