You bought the house, the job are all in place, and finally the time has come to think in a concrete way to the fateful choice of furniture. Do not love the classic and preferred instead a much more current solution . But how can you do to furnish a home-style contemporary? Rely on our instructions, listed below.

The canons that distinguish contemporary furnishings are limited and identifiable in the clean lines and colors mostly clear, with clear references Nordic. The style is modern type but with the addition of a fusion of elements in wood or stone. We must pay attention to the well-contemporary modern dichotomy because words are not interchangeable but define two distinct style. The use of the lexeme modernity is in fact referring to a type of furniture cold and clean, comprising technological surfaces and made ​​from synthetic materials.


A living room can be furnished with parquet floor , sofa sets three-piece based in ash or solid wood and lining absolutely white, central table of the same material woody, green carpet in a rectangular shape with long hair in polypropylene fibers, lamp Ground based in steel and paper shade or with long and slender body arched. The walls should be painted a cream color very clear.

For the bedroom the choice can be oriented on a walnut furniture with a smooth surface and inlays essential, a combination of the outcome functional, practical and comfortable Choose one large headboard, shades of gray darker for a carpet and very clear for the walls, a horizontal rectangular mirror glass frameless and simple, lighting, lamps lantern hanging high above the nightstands.

The contemporary kitchen is type in cherry or stained with stove covered with a clear top and glossy , metallic handles, stainless steel hood, cabinets and drawers developed in length and equipped, in some cases, containment trays. The table must be purchased in coordinated basis with very flat and metallic steel legs, thick and strong. The chairs are ideal in shades borrowed from the scale of the light gray, white or cream, with chromed metal frame and wood body with satin or leather.