If we have a house structurally furnished rustic style, and we intend to further embellish it with wood and stone, we can opt for different furnishing solutions, in order to make it even more welcoming than romantic and charming. Let us see what are the tricks and the best tricks, how to decorate a home with wood and stone.

So we begin to furnish the house, starting with one of the most frequented places during the day or the kitchen-dining room. In this environment, if you already have a rustic setting, such as a fireplace or a kitchen full of masonry, we can intervene with some tricks to embellish it further with the use of wood and stone.


The kitchen, is typically made ​​with concrete and then finished with white painting with enamels or lacquers. In this case, without changing the existing structure, we can apply the colored pebbles or gravel, digging into the walls of the kitchen, the grooves so as to adhere to the interlocking stones. However, to facilitate the work, we can make a wooden frame with a plywood bottom, where we make a plaster cast and before it dries, sink the colored pebbles or gravel, in order to get the panels to be applied directly on the parts outside of the kitchen. The wood can be matched to both masonry, concrete as that under the same stones in the first case, the walls are not covered by furniture, can be applied of wooden beads, brushing of the same color of the furniture or leave the natural color such as the fir (yellowish), calling only with the flatting polished or matt.

The other areas of the house such as the living room, can be customized in different ways and original. An example is to lay on the windowsill to the place of white marble chip tile , a table of solid wood that gives a touch of elegance with its colors, and at the same time a sense of warmth of the wood. To cover the window instead of the rooms and make them less bare, you can affix the support frames, such as those used for the edge of the beads, which have a shrinking “L”, similar to a frame. In this case, after applying just a wood frame under the sill, we can unite as a mosaic of the different pieces of wood of different color and the living stones. If finally as often happens, we have something bulky and unsightly to hide, such as a tube for heating, we can take advantage of it to coat wood, creating a wall which then goes finished with wood, stone, or both.