If we just restored the house and we intend to furnish it in a contemporary style, we can do so without sacrificing some complements of different ages , whether furniture and objects that masonry structures , such as stone and brick . In this guide we see, therefore, in detail, how to decorate a house in a contemporary style .

how to decorate a house

Royalties that distinguish the contemporary decor, are identifiable in clean lines and colors mostly clear with clear references Nordic. The style is modern type, but with the addition of elements in wood, iron or stone . However, we must pay attention to the dichotomy of modern-contemporary because the words are not interchangeable, but define two distinct styles. The use of the extreme modernity, is in fact referring to a type of furniture cold and clean, composed of technological surfaces and made ​​of materials of synthetic nature.

A living example can be furnished with a wooden floor (parquet), a set of three pieces (a sofa and two armchairs) based in ash or solid wood, and covered with white lining. Even a central coffee table of the same material, a green carpet of rectangular long haired and a floor lamp (floor) with base in steel and paper shade, are ideal for furnishing a decidedly contemporary style . As for the walls should paint them with a cream-colored very clear, allowing you to add also the furniture and paintings of different style, maybe the ancients. For the bedroom instead, the choice may fall on a walnut furniture with smooth surfaces and only with inlays essential, then a combination that provides a context of furnishing functional, practical and comfortable. A headboard should be wide and a gray dark, contrasting with a trio of rugs very clear. The mirror should instead make it simple rectangular frame less, and finally lighting, are fine the wall or bedside, hair type and chromed steel.

The type of furniture for a contemporary kitchen is in cherry or ash, with hob shiny and metallic handles, a steel hood, a few essential cupboards and drawers developed in depth. The table instead must be purchased in a coordinated, so with very flat base and legs Metalized steel, thick and strong. The chairs are ideal must have shades of gray, white or cream, with a chromed metal frame and satin, with solid wooden shell or cover raw leather .