The Furnishings of a house can inspire a certain style or to particular types of housing , sometimes unusual. In fact, furnish a house like a ship is certainly a curious choice , but lovers of the sea and those who may have also fortunate to have a house that overlooks may also decide to set it up with a certain flair, using different types of furniture, materials and objects similar to those typically placed on ships. On second thought, generally marine environments are not really even exaggerated than others: when you go on a cruise, maybe it does not seem to stay in a beautiful and huge houseboat with several floors? But let’s see how you can give your home a real sailor look .

To start, we think from the floor: a polished parquet wood is definitely a great starting point, input, a mirror with a frame made ​​helm immediately offer an idea of what the house wants to remember: just a ship! The living will fingerprint feature marinara: polished wood furniture will be finished in brass , and choose a sofa and armchairs in leather or heavy cotton striped, carpets in rich colors and bright.


In large furniture equipped with furniture of various types and lines, you will find a kitchen style ‘marina’, then if you want to add a few more elements, possibly an expert carpenter can perfect it by including the additional details that will customize it beautifully. Utensils in ceramic or porcelain white, or blue complete the set, to cover the seat of the chairs, choose pillows striped or checkered.

For the bedroom you can choose a classic design in ‘naval style’, with cupboard doors with ‘Persian’ and chest of drawers in wood with brass parts. A bedspread or striped or patterned turquoise or emerald remember the colors of the sea and a candle holder gold (containing a simple white candle) will create a perfect seaside atmosphere!.

In the study, even if you like to furnish it with modern lines, try to insert a desk style ‘old navy’ with flap and full of tiny drawers and graceful, while in the hallway, will indiscriminate transparencies spotlights brass.

If space permits, it will be ideal to create a partition wall paneled with a large opening in a circle, and, finally, remember that you will not need to go overboard with the furnishings: the accessories are the elements that contribute so much to give give your home a pleasant nautical style: choose paintings of sailing ships , wooden frames with brass-plated edges, metal finish or iron and some large shell as an ornament. Favorite lamps coated rope, round mirrors-like portholes, light curtains and lightweight reminding the sails. in short, with a good handful of fantasy, you will be able to transform your home into a wonderful ‘boat’ sets, where you can imagine at any time to sail to shores of your dreams!