Environmental sustainability has become one of the central themes in architecture and design, now trying in every way to build and furnish starting from the principle basis of sustainability and creative reuse, not only for a significant cost savings , but also to reduce environmental impact by limiting to a minimum the materials of scrap . If you also have the soul green and you’re a supporter of this ecological philosophy then here are some ideas and tips on how to decorate a kitchen eco-friendly by creating an ecological environment , but at the same time functional, economical and pleasant.

WALLS. Bet environmentally friendly coatings such as wood planks or simply colored walls painted with natural paints. Being a very experienced it is clear that you can not miss even a coating of tiles near the stove and the sink.

FURNITURE. You can not talk about Eco-friendly kitchen where most of the materials are fully recyclable and painted with natural paints. Now are lots of designers who make Eco-friendly furniture that will not be difficult to buy furniture of this type. But if you have the hobby of do-it-yourself will be even more fun, rewarding and inexpensive to make furniture at no cost! For example for the doors using creative features, and custom and strictly Ecostyle reycicle like corks. An object that is becoming a true symbol of sustainability and recycling, thanks to its versatility to diversify, in many ways, is the pallet, the pallet, or the rough wooden platform used for the transport of goods.


You could use him to make the benches repainted and covered with soft cushions made, these, too, with Eco-friendly fabrics or using old cloth sewn patchwork. On the web there are several ideas to transform and convert these platforms as you see fit, just a little ‘fantasy, a few nails and good will, and you’re done! The colors of the furniture are different, follow your taste, a kitchen of this kind can follow any style from the rustic to modern, from minimal to that vintage.

LIGHTING It is essential to choose energy-saving lighting . Definitely the best idea is to put the solar panels, but if you have the chance to do it then just tip of illumination Also in this area led to attempts to create Eco-friendly lamps and lampshades reusing plastic bottles, glass bottles, abandoned objects, cans of tomato: there are numerous sites that explain step by step how to make the lamps not only ecological and functional, but also beautiful and extremely original.