So how many families decide to take advantage of the corner of his house to set up a station for the DIY and other choose to allocate it to the creation of a walk-in closet , some households may opt to give pre-eminence to the institution of a stand-alone environment , to be used as laundry room . Depending on the space you have, are the various ways to furnish this type of room .

Regardless of the available surface area, a laundry describes that in the moment in which it is used to clean clothes and fabrics in general. The banality of the concept is staggering, but it helps us to understand how the presence of a washing machine and a sink / tub (if we are accustomed to pre-treat or hand wash) is fundamental in our room. From this consideration we can draw further conclusions: a laundry room must have a full supply of water (that is, both must allow the entry of water, and the discharge of the liquid in a circle), and must have at least one electrical outlet to power our appliances.


Located apparatus electricity and water, we can choose between two possibilities : to be constrained to have washing machine and sink / tub at certain locations or estimate more housework to create new connections, expanding the existing capacity of the system. In the first case we will have to “build” the furniture around the elements of which we have already laid down the final position, with the second option we will enjoy more opportunities and we can indulge ourselves by choosing a wide range of finishes, furniture and furnishings secondary.

In order not to make unnecessary journeys or buy furniture that we will not be able to enter in the laundry room, we can plan our future purchases represent faithfully the space at our disposal on the graph paper or on a simple sheet of squared Armed metro, line and pencil , we report the precise size of the laundry room on the paper indicating the scale used. Remember to report any encumbrances data from doors, windows, electrical outlets and drains the water using the same scale, we obtain on a second sheet volumes of washing machine and sink : also signal the opening area of the porthole of the washing machine and the area of transit in front of the sink or the tub, so as to remind us to leave these spaces mackerel Finally cut out the forms obtained and superimpose to our plan.