Do you have an attic and want to furnish it in an original way? Here are some tips how to decorate with a style attic : from a touch of old-style , shoot from the attic of old furniture aside and forgotten over the years, standing there waiting to be reused and given a new life, maybe I Redecorate, or leave it as it is, giving only one coat of wax to make it alive, giving a touch of antique flavor, if you turn, then, to the flea markets you can easily find items of vintage furniture such as a lamp of the sixties , metal long legs, or old chairs from film that you can repurpose with creativity : for example, two or three together to fix mo ‘chair.

If among the many things put in the basement or attic , find an old TV, empty it of course making attention and work gloves to protect yourself and turn it into a bar or CD rack, or you put in “showcase” a vase with a few flowers of a color that matches the rest of the room. Shades vintage , scratch that go great with any style, such as a chest of drawers antique iron, or a footrest wood with upholstered seat, or, if you’re good with the hook, you can make an ottoman knit that looks like a large ball, very good there is also a white armchair in leather or imitation leather with a sleek, which lightens and gives light to the room or a sofa with linear shape, basic that fits well in all styles.


Add some chair with feet of iron and wooden seat lacquered green, in vogue in the fifties, with caps at the foot colored to match. Sits well in this environment, even a chest with wrought iron profiles. Basically everything antique and vintage you like, accost with creativity and originality and modern trends, taking into account the color and space you have available; especially careful not to overdo it with furnishings , leave space, so that each object becomes a work of art and that only he occupies that space.

As for the floor, to heat the environment I suggest porcelain stoneware tiles terracotta color square, or a natural wood floor, decorated with wool carpets put the bedspread on the bed by her grandmother crocheted doilies and centers and , scattered ‘everywhere, thus giving the object that rests on merit, while a blanket on the couch worked tiles in the style “old America”, there is really good. At Window blinds or neutral color or those knitted, of course always in the same color or tone on tone.