The balcony in an apartment often, it is considered as the smallest of a litter, when you rent a house is always a challenge to decide what to do with the balcony, especially when this is small, as a result, many people leave it blank or simply use it as a storage area for bikes. Although it may seem difficult at first, even the small balcony can be transformed into a cozy retreat with some simple and small steps . Here’s decorating ideas of balcony.

Small balconies generally present great challenges, depending on the form must be associated with the appropriate accessories. Before deciding how to furnish it, consider first of all the rules that are sometimes imposed in a condominium or by the landlord. In many cases, for example, it is forbidden to the barbecue or some species of plants that attract insects. You could then decorate your balcony with the plants that provide herbs used in cooking, or putting a sturdy stool with a soft cushion above where you can relax.


If you choose to decorate it with plants, the latter arranged in layers by putting those who need sun higher, and those who love the shade below. Fill the corners with larger plants such as rosemary or those of tomato. Also make sure you water them regularly and cut branches splayed to make them look neater. If you wish to turn your balcony into a place where you can relax, then it is advisable to install a small bench or if the dimensions allow it, a rocking chair would be ideal to enjoy the ultimate in relaxation.

Provide the right lighting to your balcony If you have electrical outlets, consider adding an outdoor lamp, also available at low prices, used low-voltage bulbs to have a soft light and comfortable. You can also use a series of light bulbs Christmas tree hanging them around the entire perimeter of the balcony to get an interesting effect If you do not have electrical outlets in the immediate vicinity, candles are a beautiful way to bring light on your small balcony , obviously being very careful and always remember to turn them off when you leave the balcony.