Who lives in a nice stable and has the good fortune of owning a luxury accommodation, you definitely do not ever find yourself having to deal with the problems caused by lack space, in fact, to be called luxurious, an apartment must have certain characteristics, including which, one to be located in certain areas and be of large size : it part of 160 square meters, excluding balconies, terraces, basements, attics, stairwells, garage and parking. Furnish one of these homes can undoubtedly offer the chance to indulge themselves with the various types of furniture, and in the next few steps you will find some ideas to possibly take a cue.

First, we point out that when you have to decorate a large apartment, you must be very careful not to ‘weigh’ the look of the environments’ by placing the left and right exaggeration of furniture, maybe even very expensive but a mixture of styles chosen case. To obtain a final result really special, it is instead ‘must be exploited before anything else, the possibility of being able to comfortably furnish their homes with comprehensive functions and without having to measure centimeters, as is often the case for smaller spaces, but always with reasonable moderation and without leaving anything to chance. You will then have to choose the accessories and the various lines wisely and good taste, may request an opinion or advice to an architect (remember that the big selling points of furniture always put at the disposal adequately trained personnel).


To return a few examples, a result certainly refined and elegant you will get a detailed evaluation of the starting color choices, both for decoration and for the finishing touches: they are good rather neutral tones, which include in addition to the white and gray, also colors tend to black, with some shade of pale wood. The living area, which in this type of home is usually very large, it can be presented as an open space to devote to the conversation / reading, maybe separating it from the dining area with a library or simply with a row of lush and tall plants: palms inside, ficus, etc. The kitchen is fully equipped and for the reserved area at night you can think of a corner in which to insert a small sofa and a coffee table, a useful trick for those but maybe drink before bedtime, a herbal tea or chamomile in a relaxation and intimacy in front of a good book.

If the setting is modern, you will get a magnificent effect providing lighting with recessed lights in the ceiling and wisely choosing furniture with shiny lacquered surfaces, which rack announced the apartment looks very bright, very important and refined, but if you prefer to give the parties a line rather tend to ancient or classical, it is also advisable to apply some light antique ceramic or glass on the walls, and you can also play on combinations of fabrics and curtains, cleverly combining warm colors and pastels, using velvets, satins and silks few oriental rug fine finally give a sophisticated and elegant tone to your luxurious accommodation.