Usually, when you choose to decorate your kitchen with elements of luxury, are chosen components of high quality, elegantly classic or highly modern and innovative, but always a great attention to detail and manufactured by companies that take advantage of the collaboration of artisans skilled in processing of the best materials. Then you opt for furniture designed according to new winning philosophies of life and live-in the common areas, putting the full functionality of the particular refinement, the next steps we will see, therefore, to explain how you can arrange to set up luxuriously such an environment.


First of all, when you want to bring a wave of luxury in your kitchen, you do not need to move towards colors only aesthetically pleasing, but it is preferable to choose them in perfect harmony with the surrounding domestic environment, aiming also to forms rather simple and sober, with projects containing lines designed exclusively with the use of excellent materials and carefully selected by the artisan manufacturer. These are the basic requirements to achieve truly impeccable, able to point out a refined style.

There will be oriented so the choice of compositions produced with excellent wood, such as walnut and cherry, natural or manufactured with carefully lacquered surfaces. The shelves are preferably in different types and colors of marble, strong and practically eternal, or in solid steel to match the modern convenience and elegance. A careful and meticulous care must be devoted to tools and small appliances: do not need to have them in exaggerated amount, but it is good to have everything you could possibly need to have a fully efficient, possibly opting for models with colors and lines harmony with the whole furniture .

The dishwasher will never be placed on sight, and if you are not possessed of a room for the laundry and you chose to include in furnishing the washing machine and the dryer, it will also shield them simply with one door Often, when the environment is quite spacious and attractively want to be ‘busy’, are then inserted elements in shades sometimes conflicting with complementary glass doors transparent or colored, in which to place refined services in porcelain or silver. The floors will be perfect when paired to furniture, bearing in mind that bright and shiny surfaces will certainly offer great class.

Better to avoid applying small shelves on the walls, squares etc.: Better picture, but rather one of considerable size, moreover, to obtain a more refined, it is also advisable to set a single shelf, but quite wide and on which to place a nice plant in a pot of brass or ceramic, and a lamp to be used at a more intimate dinner. It is important to eventually equip the kitchen with adequate lighting (chandeliers or spotlights chosen in line with the furniture), to be directed with due care and attention in a particular way on work surfaces and on the table, which can be solid wood or heavy tempered glass.