If we are lovers of painting and we intend to open a studio to make it elegant and refined, you need to furnish it in an appropriate manner, making it similar to a study of the classical painters and at the same time create a sort of permanent exhibition of materials, tools and drafts of this ancient art. In this guide, we cover so in-depth to give you some tips on how to decorate a painting studio.

If we have a large living room, the important thing to create a beautiful sight it is to surround the four walls with paintings ended up with a lot of frames and some paintings just resting and waiting to be finished. The environment in this way is able to give the visitor the impression of stepping back in time and steal what were the methods used by the great masters of color.


The exhibition of paintings and canvas is then the business card for those who come in the studio and is especially important for experts in the field, with an overall look that can identify and criticize constructively our capabilities. For a painting workshop with all respect, we must also devote at least one corner of the key points of pictorial art. Here then is a table with all the cans of paint, brushes and reagents, are interpreted in the right way the technique with which we are accustomed to paint.

A workshop also like the counter of a famous tailor, it must have at its center a table large enough on which to perform canvases of work already done or sketching new masterpieces, pinning the canvas or on the basis of the table to be able to manufacture and assemble the frame wood before you place it on the stand. The latter is also important for practical and visual. For us, that we paint, represents an important starting point for a painting that we intend to carry out, while for the visitor is the best position to analyze and understand what we are sketchy or nearing completion. The stand helps to focus on details without providing a compact image and contours that can be distracting.

If our kind of painting is based on still life, it is also important to organize a small table on which to build the model to be processed. The same applies to the construction of self-portraits and nudes any women, where to lord it can only be an elegant velvet sofa. The contours of the environment of a studio painting all respects, should be finally completed with terracotta floors, rustic furniture and soft lighting, in short, of little tricks that should strike the visitor to enter fully into the context of art making, and providing it with one that represents the way we see and describe things through the art of painting.