If our house is composed of one or more rooms of rectangular shape , to optimize space is necessary to study in depth the positioning of the mobile , according to the type of furniture . If the problem occurs in the whole house, then in the kitchen, living room and bedroom, we can find the right solution for each. In this guide we see, therefore, how to decorate a rectangular room.

how to decorate a rectangular room

The kitchen is definitely the home environment busiest and most rich in furniture and furnishings, so to avoid not being able to live intensely, we have to fix everything in a functional way, and at the same time preserve the space to be able to move easily. The longer walls of the can then use to place furniture with its wall units, while the shorter ones, for household appliances such as refrigerator-freezer, a freezer or horizontal.

At the center as a rule should instead be placed on the table with the chairs, but, however, having provided the other two walls and respectively a long and the other short (depends on which of the two has a door or a window), it is convenient to leave the center of the room , and place instead a breakfast bar, which can be connected to the furniture themselves or alone on the wall that allows more to contain it in width and length. If the living room has the same structural characteristics, without any doubt the first thing should place the bulky furniture on the longer walls, so if we have a three-piece suite, the best solution is this. The ideal type of furniture in a room is not perfectly square, is to insert a few mobile, so wanting to maximize space, must be exploited in width and especially in height, the smaller walls , for example by creating libraries, niches compartment and also a belief masonry, accompanied then of wooden doors with glass.

Any other available space on the remaining sides of the room smaller, may instead prove handy to create a corner equipped such as placing a desk with computer, hook a TV LED flat type, or use it to a table on which we support audiovisual equipment . Finally, we just have to find the appropriate solution for a bedroom . In this case, they can not do without a bed and mattress, you should delete the bedside replacing them with shelves, and also avoid placing the dresser at the foot of the bed as you normally use to do. The alternative is therefore a shorter wall, which all in all, given the small size of the latter, that’s fine also shorter. The cabinet, should instead exploit height, or writing it to the wall, so as to reduce clutter in the room and enjoy greater freedom of movement, which is not cheap, it is one of the places of the house that requires the ultimate in comfort .