The American style crest on a highly informal decorative and functional, a nice mix between the modern design, the vintage and practicality. In this guidebook you will find some thoughts and hints on how to dress a room American style, producing a comfortable environment at the same time, harmonious and pleasant.

Lead off by walls and floors by choosing strong colors, though plain or fancy wallpaper with geometric textures inspired by the seventies. Along the walls, especially if you opt for monochrome, hang large paintings of American artists such as pop art of Andy Warhol or the “American Flags” by Jasper Johns. If the room is to be furnished for boys then also focusing on objects more cute and saucy as American license plates in tin, an Army brat, the classic football ball, a neon color that draws the room cheerful and young.


In the bedrooms, the closets are normally very large, spacious drawers and spacious furniture in solid wood or wicker. If space allows, try to carve out a closet, the bed must be large and very high. In addition to the chest of drawers and bedside tables are a must chair rugs and carpets. In the boys’ room instead you can fix the bunk beds so you can take advantage of the extra space as a playroom. In an American home can not miss the laundry room with the ironing, and outdoor space for a barbecue and one for games and children’s parties.

In the dining room should not escape the sofa upholstered in leather, long, comfortable and spacious, brown or burgundy positioned in front of a large television and in the essence of the room a big heavy table for big dinners. Put everything in sight rather choose it and also the phone great, maybe a bit of those ‘ vintage that is hanging on the wall. Place large plants, hanging from inside next to the couch as well as on the windowsills. Usually in American homes the living room, the dining room is the kitchen are in one room very spacious, the kitchen should be advanced with large closets, large peninsulas and the latest appliances.