Who knows how many times have you by going on an ancient village in a mountain area or to stay in a double bed in a rustic style. This type of furniture, in fact, is one of those that even with the passage of time and fashions never set. The rustic decor is typically based on wood furniture rough or not perfectly finished or wrought iron. Wanting to furnish the same way a house in a city center is very easy, and with furniture that can last for many years once purchased or made ​​to measure. Let us see how to decorate a rustic bedroom.

If the bedroom is a normal square or rectangular room can transform leaving the same shape or change, such as with an overhanging roof type loft or simply Staining with a pale pink stucco and old. Finally, you can also replace the floor sandstone one in Florentine terracotta tile instead of marble or polished.


If you choose a rustic attic type then with the wooden wall at the attic , you can put down a sloping structure, made ​​up of a frame with wooden beads. The flooring can be made ​​of wood, then polished and waxed parquet or even shiny and dark in color. After pacing the room, you just need to continue and furnish it as a rustic mountain cabin. Contacting to skilled artisans or with the technique of DIY, you can provide for rustic furniture which must be categorically linear with the natural color of wood such as spruce, which is of a whitish color with a prevalence of yellow. The furniture in question includes a wardrobe, a chest of drawers, the bedside table , a large mirror with wooden frame and doors and windows coated beads just to cool the attic and possibly the walls, if you choose the same as a coating wooden bead . With one bedroom rustic wood, to complete the work can not miss a chandelier of wrought iron at the center of the room and the wall on either side of the bedside tables.

The advantage is that the poor art is simple, economical and also allows you to mix different materials, in fact, depending on your taste you can opt for wood furniture and finishes and accessories in wrought iron and vice versa Whatever the choice, the furnishing a bedroom with a bed in a rustic style will allow you to wake up every morning in an environment that will certainly make it less monotonous the rest of the day.