The penthouse is a type of apartment that fascinates people because of its great brightness and the presence, almost always, a beautiful terrace overlooking a panoramic view . Those lucky enough to live in a penthouse with large surface area will have no difficulty to decorate its interior as best preferred, however, if we have a more modest surface, we need to study a type of furniture that can enhance our apartment without giving a ‘impression of chaos. In this guide, we’ll see then how to decorate a small attic with taste and style.

The rule that applies to all small apartments is to choose light colors to paint the walls, so that they can give an effect of amplitude. In addition, a light color will reflect the natural light , enhancing the brightness of the rooms. However, to avoid a dazzling effect, due to the already great brightness of the attic , we may avoid the color white to get our bearings on a clear yellowish , slightly less reflective and therefore more suitable for our needs, possibly considering knock him down with a sponged effect , which will give you an idea of movement and color will create cool games.


For reasons of space, the furniture must not be excessive, so we’ll limit ourselves to insert the items to us strictly necessary. The living room will be furnished with a sofa bed , which can be used to accommodate any guests, a compact mobile TV has a small library, and an extendable dining table when needed. We also evaluate the possibility of buying a folding table with chairs retractable, so you can store, when not needed, it would take away space environment. Do not forget to take advantage of the vertical space of the house, placing shelves even at different heights . For the bedroom confine ourselves to a sliding door wardrobe , a bed with a streamlined, a chest of drawers and two matching bedside tables .

If the ceiling of our penthouse has different heights of the points we use less livable by placing there the sofa and the bed, trying to vacate the points for more airy place furniture in need of vertical development, such as the library and the Wardrobe not forget to illuminate the corners are less exposed to natural light with the modern floor lamps, or making a false ceiling in which they can be placed spotlights.