Here are some practical and functional ideas for decorating a small lounge with intelligent solutions that allow you to save space without sacrificing good taste.

The living room is one of the most experienced of the house, which is why it is important to be comfortable but also practical and functional, so you can be a perfect place to relax but also a great place to meet friends. Great care must be given to furnishing the living room : sofa, furniture and furnishings must be chosen carefully , especially when space is restricted and you are to deal with only a few square meters. But do not worry, here are show some tips for decorating a small living room with space saving ideas and choices designed specifically for rooms with small dimensions.

If you have a small living room decorations do not waste space with bulky like big pictures or shelves full of kick-knacks. Better to choose modern solutions like the wall stickers that decorate the walls with zero footprint. Good idea also to use the mirrors , which help to expand the space.
Also with regard to the choice of salon furniture, if you have little space try to avoid solutions that are too large such as libraries full wall. Better to choose for the living room a more modern and harness new trends offering hanging at various heights to use the space well without weighing down the room too much.


The sofa is often an essential element in our homes, but if you have to decorate a small living room can be a good idea to replace it (at least partially) with the chairs : they are more versatile and easier to move on those occasions when you need to revolutionize space , for example for a dinner with many guests. These are just a few tips to others on how to decorate a small living room decorated take a look at our photo gallery full of images from which to take inspiration.