The decoration of any room, especially if size really small, it must be done by following a few small and simple things basic (but very careful about the choice of style, color and furniture), to avoid making it even smaller than actually is. All elements listed, in fact, may influence its size, making it noticeably wider (or opposed to smaller dimensions, according to the cases). If you are interested in finding out how to decorate a small room decorated, carefully followed the advice in this guide.

The first factor not to be overlooked is of course the paint off the walls. Keep in mind that the light tones such as cream, give the walls a luminous effect that can give the room a bright light and an optical effect very chic, especially when paired with light furniture and the rest of the furniture.

decorating-small- rooms

If you love your home decor eye-catching, you can of course opt for a design or a particular painting on a single wall. Currently, it is very much in vogue c. A sponge (consisting of a technique that leads to the wall of the streaks of color, diamonds very elegantly, through the use of a sponge dipped in paint). In the manner just indicated is widely used to enrich the color and fantasy on a single wall, (with which you can fade a slightly more intense than the one used for the base, according to your personal taste). For its implementation, ask the help of a decorator (or alternatively, look on the internet of short guides to proceed independently).

Avoid if possible, also to paint the ceiling of the room. The effect you get in that case, in fact, will be to optically reduce the room (and therefore is not recommended when the latter is not very wide). Remember the golden rule for a small room size, is not to excessively burden the environment with too many colors (or drawings), with too many accessories to furniture, avoiding thus to fully decorate the walls with wallpaper.