The cherries are the quintessential summer fruit . Colorful, vibrant, shiny, give an immediate feeling of cheerfulness. Fun, nice to eat, they are also very beautiful to see. So why not take advantage of the abundance of fruits and use them to beautify our table, for an evening with friends or for a breakfast in the garden?
Let’s see how to decorate a table with cherries.

Given that already have one or more baskets filled with cherries and placed on the table are fun, we can still use the cherries to prepare decorations a bit ‘more structured. Given that the cherries ripen in June, when the campaign is colored gold of the bales hay, we can think of using just these two colors for our decorations, gold straw and red cherries. use as a basis a red tablecloth on which scatter, in the center of the cherry leaves. set the table as usual; if possible, the dishes must be completely white and the glasses in red glass.

We then start to prepare the decorations, with a beautiful centerpiece. Obtain a clear glass bowl, like the one you use for goldfish, positioned at the bottom of a dampened sponge for florists. Then fill it half with hay and recline on, until completely filled, cherries. On the top, stick the green florist, staring into the sponge base. Then prepare the simple stopped napkins, tying the napkins with ribbons of color natural raffia and threading in each of them a fresh cherry.


For placeholders, you can use the liqueur glasses, putting each of them a bit ‘of hay and a cherry, staring then over a small tweezers , clip type for cloths (found in stationery ) that will support a card with the name of diner.
For the bread basket, place it on a serving plate floor, surrounded by cherries. For the ice bucket , make cubes with cherries inside, putting in each cube of ice tray, a cherry and then fill with water freezing, cherries remain trapped in the ice and transparency will make a very nice visual effect to serve the dessert , frost cherries, passing first in the egg white and then in granulated sugar. With these small delicacies and with colors, you’ll be secured a table cheerful and festive.