The economic crisis has led us to also take different attitudes towards housing, leave a second home or a home for the holidays unused tax burden on our annual budget. More and more people are doing their utmost to restructure and rent the empty apartments, both located in cities that common holiday homes located in the locality of various kinds: seaside, mountain, historical etc. Let’s see how to make a cozy home for the holidays to rent and how to decorate the apartment.

Since this is a home for the holidays, we will have to take into account some basic concepts, needed to create a lovely, functional and practical. Avoid putting too expensive furniture or design, consider that the tenants will not always be polite and attentive and that the presence of children, or pets (dogs, cats and the like), it could cause some damage to furniture. However, you must structure the decor also because of the type of house: in a villa overlooking the cliffs of the shore azure, you cannot choose the furniture cheap, considering the rental price at which you can propose and rent the apartment.


The furniture should be appropriate to the level of the dwelling and take into account the location, depending on where the property is located, sea, mountain, lake, we will try to furnish the accommodation giving an impression characteristic and comfortable. A beach house can avail of furnishings Navy, preferring the colors of white, blue or alternatively adopt the more traditional dark wood furnishings typical of the vessels from which they draw inspiration. A beautiful house in the mountains, will be furnished with rustic furniture, Provencal or country, we can also opt for an ethnic style, suitable for location positioned on the banks of the lake, where a chic decor Sabby or bamboo, it will be perfectly tuned.

Tutelage Remember to draw up a contract that includes a security deposit , which will come in handy in the event of damage reported is housing, which added to the furniture. In relation to housing, to its size and placement, enter utility accessories such as barbecues, outdoor showers (sea and lake), bike (mountain), the house is equipped with facility heating and air conditioning systems suitable, now considered indispensable in every home worthy of respect. If necessary, have to clean up, brushing the Pareto and replacing the old hat. Equipped with a dining area outside, is that the apartment is equipped with a large balcony or garden terrace. It will not be necessary to set up the furniture capacious: the cabinets will go well even two or three doors, the kitchen, the refrigerator, and cabinets in the bathrooms, will be fine even if medium in size. Equipped with the flat map of the geographical area and tourist brochures with places to visit, nightlife, and local business profits. Given that the duration of stay is around a minimum of one week to a maximum of one month, sometimes just for the weekend, so, the tenants will not need much furniture capacious, but rather, a functional home (with many foldaway beds), the right number of dishes and chairs, which is cozy.