There are those shops in mountain resorts that sell decorative spoons that are used to decorate kitchens and customers enchanting to look at those wonderful creations that have something of rustic and a hint of the past. These ladles are hand crafted in all their achievement because they are hand-carved and made ​​from the wood of willow expert hands, carve with a box cutter. Of course, even if the art does not belong to us, we can still decorate with flair and imagination, ladles purchased at any hardware store kitchen accessories.

If you are good with freehand drawing, provided to of brushes and paint for wood found in paint and with a pencil given shape to what you are going to draw, Once the design has been formed, you can proceed very carefully to prevent deburring the work, the coloring of the design that can be placed not only on the concave part of the object but also on the handle. Make sure to be specific and not to leave the edge of the drawing, but if that were to happen, help with kitchen paper type paper towel to clean without rubbing the stain remains otherwise. Buffered so that only the excess color that has leaked, be absorbed. Wipe your job in a sunny place.


Another easier way is to recycle ribbons and dried flowers of candy and. Using a gun with revenue of hot melt adhesive, attached in a harmonious way of small flowers or ribbons at the end of the ladle. You will realize the creation also features truly because any element you want to attack, you may be fine if you do so with extreme caution and style. There are those who favors instead of the veil, that sort of nets that wrapped as a staple, will give the spoon an original.

Another method is extremely easy to decorate the wooden spoon with which beautify your kitchen, is to use the small pieces of felt very useful to do this kind of jobs. With the felt rectangle you can create a kind of clasp closing with an invisible dot, the center of the rectangle. In the DIY stores, you will find eyes, noses and mouths with that fake glue superglue, put in the bowl of the spoon to create a cute little face. Embellish your creation even further with the ideas that suggests your imagination.