Aluminum is a particular material to be decorated but surely the final effect is great. We must go step by step and not to shorten the drying time between each step and the other to avoid spoiling the result: so be patient no rush!

You need:

aluminum support – primer – sand paper – acrylic – designs to crop or mask stencil – final paint and glaze

First you need to thoroughly clean the item to be decorated : decreased and after spending a couple of times a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. At this point it is necessary to use the primer. It allows, by adhering to the object, to act as the glue between the object and the color of acrylic or enamel that will follow, which otherwise would slide the caliper. Spend at least three coats , waiting at least five hours between coats’ s other: this means that the drying of the primer is total between the different passes. After the first two hands, past the fine sandpaper to remove the streaks left by the brush.

Once dry, the third coat of primer, you go to the color itself. boater muted colors, if over the object you will have to make a decoupage, so as not to drown in the color drawing too strong. Spend at least a couple of coats of color, crossing the brush strokes to avoid streaks typical of the bristles. Let dry thoroughly between coats and pass the fine sandpaper, always in hand to hand, to level the surface. Proceed now to the decoration itself. sheets : choose the subject that you like, cut it out or torn edges and glue it with glue to decoupage.


Let dry and protect the paint finish (Matt or glossy), mash about a dozen hands, remember that, by swiping your finger on the edge of the cutout, you should not feel the “step”. Moreover, for best results, each pair of hands go through the fine sandpaper in order to “smooth” the surface. Stencil : once given the color, choose the template and place, securing it with masking tape. Taken on the color of the sponge (obviously different from the base) and pat dry the drawing. Let and protect the paint as the final step for the decoupage.