What is American style? The modern contamination have lost the original features of this form of furniture, to grasp the exact characteristics necessary to take a step back. The reference models are in fact the colonial homes of the Pilgrim Fathers of North America , built around the middle of the seventeenth century . These houses combine the taste of the colonizers (from different cultures) influence exerted by the beautiful and majestic natural landscape. The guide will explain how to furnish to return this ancient flavor and classic at the same time, in order to create a warm and welcoming environment .

Before moving on to furnishing true, it is important to remember that the old model is often traced American / colonial also under construction: a large first floor , often symmetrical, which lends itself to the fusion of different influences, a central staircase to reach the second floor (where you have the sleeping area) and an entrance door, which is also central. The furniture used by early settlers also vary much from the subsequent and more elaborate processing. The houses were characterized at the beginning by a certain austerity of tables and a few scantlings and “improvised” furniture.


The decor turned slowly over the course of the seventeenth century and took a more refined form in the following: the raw materials were processed in a more careful and often original and finished with elegant and elaborate designs. The fireplace was and is today an essential element : furniture and tables must be arranged around it in a circle as much as possible, to return a warm and familiar. Wood is the most common material used: oak, walnut and mahogany of all, able to contribute to the realization of a functional place and “massive”, in line with the typical American pragmatism. careful though not to make too much of the rooms, not overdraw fill the interior: the atmosphere must be attractive and balanced.

Then use elements that convey a “controlled grandeur”: a table with a rather thick surface and extendable, some chairs with backrests in rods, furniture and large glass doors (showing ceramics or porcelain decorated) and a bed with the particular structure with columns, the drawings must be refined but not excessive, preferably made ​​of naturalistic motifs. Very suitable are the carved wooden objects or decorations made ​​with the same technique On the floors , wood or stone, you have also woven carpets with rough drawings of plants and animals never use, finally, garish colors: the neutral and pastel shades are able to create the right intimacy.