When you have an empty apartment and you want to rent it out to individuals or students, in both cases it is necessary to furnish. In the first case, the question may not be influential furniture as it will benefit the tenant of his personal furniture. However for those who require the type of apartment furnished as in the case of students, then the owner shall furnish to the best of ways. So here’s how to decorate an apartment to rent.

The apartment once renovated and well organized with the toilet you must also furnish it in a comfortable way. The ideal is to furnish it with simple but efficient way , this is when buying used furniture, raising them from family and friends or even get rid of some components of your furniture, you can furnish the apartment with a minimum of expense and so satisfying.


The bedroom is furnished with a bed with mattress, possibly with a back, at least a bedside table and a wardrobe of medium size. In the living room, the ideal is a pretty big sofa, a table with four chairs, a cabinet that you can make as a library, a desk and a few small coffee table. The kitchen should furnish it with at least a couple of wall cabinets, chest of drawers, a kitchenette, a fridge (preferably freezer) and of course a sink. The bathroom itself is quite large, beyond a mirror and some basic components of bathroom ( towel and soap maker ) must contain one electric water heater or gas, and maybe even a washing machine used but functional and very welcome by the tenant.

The interior of an apartment to rent should be as comfortable as possible in order to avoid complaints E ‘therefore important to ensure the efficiency of doors and windows, lesions and cracks in the walls, water leaks and anything else that could constitute an element of criticism of tenant. Lighting should be complete, without the glitz but can provide plenty of light to complete the interior of the house to rent, you can then enter in the apartment many other objects large and small, maybe from home but still very useful With a discreet decor, the apartment for rent offers comfort and cleanliness, and at the same time get the consent from the tenant.