Choose adequately furniture for our office is not always easy, but it depends on so many factors that must be weighed with care. In addition, it is very important to reconcile in a balanced way the two main aspects in the field of interior decoration : the aesthetic and the functional one, reminding us of tenancy in the same way . Let us see how to decorate an office.

The first step consists in choosing the style, which should reflect our taste, but cannot leave the impression that you want to give to the customer. If we want to create a more familiar environment will opt for warm colors, colored furniture and wood will avoid the use of cold lights. On the contrary, if we want to convey professionalism and give a more formal tone to the work context will opt for a more refined design, sometimes innovative or high-tech, preferring tones of black and white and spot lights or lamps from the cold light, whitish.


To bear in mind is the size of the area that we have available. When it comes to small spaces need to be careful about how to organize the space through furniture, otherwise you could run the risk of getting as a result of the cramped and oppressive, in addition, in these cases, you can resort to small devices such as the use light colors for the walls, glass desks with metal frame and wall units with glass inserts, which help to give a feeling of “freshness” to the office. If we have a larger surface area can give vent to our creativity and our good taste, always in accordance with their needs, but above all we can derive a suitable relaxation corner to break in, with chairs and a small table on which place a vase with flowers or a plant fat depending on the style chosen.

In both cases, however, we must not forget comfort. It is not to be neglected, for example the study of the positioning of the lamps , the luminous flux which should not create glare or shadows on the work surface. Another aspect to consider is the choice of chairs, which must be beautiful, but above all comfortable! As regards the position of the furniture, should be reserved for a very enlightened, maybe near the window, his desk and not too far from this, a wall system, preferably not during the day, as it may give you a feeling of clutter. Finally, always remember that the eye wants its part and if you want to impress a client is useful to choose the furniture strategically.