Coworking is becoming ever more common as working model dynamic , modern and anti-crisis share a desk with experts in various fields can be an opportunity for growth stimulant for anyone. Given the eclectic nature of this practice, it is clear that furnish a suitable office to coworking is certainly not a simple task : there are a thousand variables to consider, full of multi-tasking , flexibility and comfort. In this short and simple guide we will see together what are the possible solutions to get the best from our local.

First, we evaluate the space available to us, because we will have to install more desks that we can, but always within the limits dictated by common sense: let us strive to give workers the right living space for them to perform better their businesses. Better then a post in the least, but a professional environment in more satisfied! Each desk will then be provided to the widest range of possible uses. Dotiamole of cutting-edge computer with access to the full Internet , a large storage area and spacious drawers; leave available sheets, pens and pencils just in case, and a small area “customizable” by the worker on duty, where it can use and store their tools.


Great emphasis will be sessions: we prefer armchairs comfortable, ready to be exploited in exhausting working sessions, and equipped with wheels, so as to facilitate the movement from one part of the environment. We set up a “relaxation area” for the moments of pause, separated from the main area and furnished with sofas and armchairs fixed, and maybe a TV to hear the news of the day. Let us beautify the environment with ornamental plants of different types, placed at the corners of the office: oxygenate the place, instill joy and increase productivity. We only try not to overdo it, so we avoid to transform the experience of coworking trek into the Amazon rainforest!

Let a local area “in the wild”: it will be equipped from time to time in different ways, in case we have to deal with specific business needs (we may have to install a work plan for the drafters). We provide Finally, to provide the Office of automatic water and soft drinks : they represent an added value and a welcome respite for workers who attend our environment!