You finally finished whiten or the walls of your new office ? Well, now comes the most fun and creative you think it to decorate the environment. Of course, the solutions can be varied and the furniture created specifically for offices are very many and different types but the prices are still very high and the cost will be expensive, especially if you have to buy just everything! Do not be discouraged: many times, with material economic (and in some cases even to cost), a bit of creativity, elbow grease and a handful of patience, you can get good results, creating functional furnishings, original and above all, spending very little! Want some ideas? Follow this guide and you can copy some of the solutions suggested solutions, or you can adopt them all together, saving really a lot of money.

First of all , you have to think of your desk and you build your own you: do not worry, it’s less complicated than you think. In a center DIY, purchased the plywood 2 cm thick with the dimensions shown in the picture on the left.Buy also the nails of 4 cm, the medium-grit sandpaper, a soft brush and the paint is non-toxic transparent white (and possibly other colors.) Now assemble the axis pinning (always taking the example of photography), then slightly rounded the corners of the upper floor of the desk, with sandpaper.


Remove any dust with a soft brush, spread the paint transparent protective surfaces. With the white paint paint the axis transverse support and let dry everything: the desk is ready.

Now think about the various levels of support, which are essential in every office to arrange documents, printer, fax and miscellaneous: remember that it is not necessary to buy expensive furniture: simple but very useful are sufficient shelves in wood and plywood is fine; choose them thick least cm.1, 5 and possibly dipingeteli the favorite color. Then will set the shelves to the wall with the strong brackets and you can keep everything about your work in perfect order.

If you have enough space, you can also put in motion a sofa : you can get a more elegant potential customers and you can also use it yourself during a break. It will cost you very little, sanded and paint with transparent varnish, a simple bed (or two, depending on the space available), then place it on the wall and settle on the thick cushions that you can also make your own by purchasing of padding to synthetic DIY and sewing machine liners, perhaps using an old bedspread cotton.

A shelving to be used as archive will serve you for sure: take the sturdy houses of fruit, carteggiatele and paint them as you wish. With screws and drill attach them to the wall ( as you see in the picture ), then equip yourself with sturdy cardboard and cut into rectangles to cover the table top to bottom: glue them to the wood with hot glue and cover with adhesive paper gummed to make them more resistant. ‘s it, your charming and useful shelf is ready!

There is also a table that has the function of magazine ? You can still use the boxes of fruit. There are four, well sanded and painted with varnish: take example from the photo and add them to each other, both with hot glue, is helping with the gun staple gun, and then, in the center, place a beautiful vase that will help you personalize your original and functional table. Behold, your office will now have definitely taken the form of the original, modern and cheap furniture is ready to welcome you at work, and your wallet will not be empty!